Hunting Run Reservoir and Dam

Inspecting miles of reservoirs, waterways, and other public works infrastructure is getting a lot easier thanks to unmanned aerial solutions from Bladerunner. Our drone pilots can capture high resolution images from vantage points previously impossible for inspectors to reach. These images are then processed into actionable data in the form of maps, models, and panoramas that give you a complete perspective of your site. Get all the data you need, without any of the legwork!

Image Capture

Using powerful drone mapping software, Bladerunner can create a flight plan and capture hundreds of images in a matter of minutes. These images are used to produce extremely detailed, highly accurate surface models, point clouds, mosaic images, and other two- and three-dimensional outputs.


Once the images have been acquired, Bladerunner can stitch them together to create an orthorectified mosaic. These orthomosaics remove the effects of perspective (tilt) and relief (terrain) to create a planimetrically correct image. The resulting image has a constant scale wherein features are represented in their "true" positions.

Digital Surface Models

Bladerunner uses powerful desktop applications to turn  raw, still imagery into dense point clouds, digital surface and terrain models, and 3D models. These outputs can then be used in CAD and GIS software to conduct highly accurate measurements of the site. 


If still images are all you need to conduct your public works inspections, Bladerunner has you covered. Georeferenced images are taken at nadir and oblique angles, and then placed on the Earth through Google Maps for easy viewing. Flight plans are repeatable and make periodic inspections a breeze.


Another option to aid in inspecting a large site is a series of panoramic images stitched together by Bladerunner. With these panoramas you can take an interactive "virtual tour" of a large area without ever stepping foot on site.