Drone Services for Public Works

Drones are incredibly powerful tools for Public Works. Drone solutions can streamline operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs for public works projects.


Bladerunner offers drone services for aerial photography, infrastructure inspection, construction monitoring, terrain mapping, 3D site modeling and measurements, CAD, and GIS data production. See below for examples.

  • Infrastructure Inspection - buildings, reservoirs, dams, bridges, and utilties

  • Building Management - as-built photography, site models, and measurements

  • Roof inspections - aerial photographs and measurements

  • Terrain Modeling - Survey-grade mapping, 3D Terrain and Surface Models

  • Construction Monitoring - progress, asset management, and volume measurements

  • Stormwater Management - aerial inspections, site modeling, and measurements

Inspecting miles of reservoirs, waterways, and other public works infrastructure is getting a lot easier thanks to unmanned aerial solutions from Bladerunner. Our drone pilots can capture high resolution images from vantage points previously impossible for inspectors to reach. These images are then processed into actionable data in the form of maps, models, and panoramas that give you a complete perspective of your site. Get all the data you need, without any of the legwork!

Bladerunner uses powerful drone mapping software to create precise flight plans and safely capture hundreds of images in a matter of minutes. These images are used to produce detailed, highly accurate surface models, point clouds, orthomosaic images, and other two- and three-dimensional engineering outputs.

Image Capture

Building Management

Bladerunner can perform aerial inspections of buildings, roofs, and other structures. We quickly and safely produce high-resolution photographs of hard to reach infrastructure.  Bladerunner uses photogrammetry software to generate stunning 3D models, and measure roof area, pitch and distance measurements.

Infrastructure As-built Modeling

Bladerunner uses powerful photogrammetry software to turn  aerial imagery into dense, survey-grade point clouds, digital surface and terrain models, and photo-accurate 3D models. These outputs can then be erxported to CAD, BIM and GIS software for engineering purposes.

Reservoir Shoreline Inspections

If still images are all you need to conduct your public works inspections, Bladerunner has you covered. Georeferenced images are taken at nadir and oblique angles, and then placed on the Earth through Google Maps for easy viewing. Flight plans are repeatable and make periodic inspections a breeze.

Case Study: Hunting Rum Reservoir and Dam

Construction Monitoring

Monitor construction sites on a regular basis to track progress and avoid costly mistakes. Bladerunner can safely perform short, repeatable drone flights that produce actionable data.  Compare site models to previous flights.  Measure distances and cut and fill volumes with survey accuracy.  Compare as-built structures with CAD plans, and export data for engineering use.

Stormwater Management

Inspect and monitor public and private stormwater infrastructure in a safe, repeatable, and extremely cost effective process.  Bladerunner can fly small unmanned aircrafft over ponds, burms, runnoff ditches, and industrial infrastructure.  We collect precise photographs, and produce highly accurate, actionable data of stormwater systems.